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By the time its founder, Marcelo D'Amico, reached his 40th birthday, he had traveled to some of the most beautiful corners of the planet. These trips were mainly focused on business; only allowing Marcelo to experience its beauty through the windows of airplanes, cabs, and hotels; which left him hungry for a deeper connection with the world around him.


As a successful entrepreneur, conservationist, and philanthropist, he reached his 40th birthday asking how he could share his love of travel with his family, friends, and even strangers, while helping the less fortunate around the globe.


An idea was born: 40 amazing trips in 40 years. These trips would be life-changing experiences to some of the most beautiful and renowned places on earth. Not only would the trips focus on pushing its participants mentally and physically, but also spiritually. One of Marcelo’s passions is the concept of paying it forward or acts of kindness; and will be no different.


Even the most beautiful places on earth encounter social, economic, educational, cultural, and environmental difficulties; and hopes that with each trip, it can leave a lasting and sustainable impact to those areas and people it supports. 

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