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Get Involved/Donate

There are three (3) ways for someone to get involved with the movement:


  1. Contribute directly to the foundation for an upcoming trip. 100% of contributions will go directly to fund projects. does not have any administrative fees associated with it; its founders has pledged that he will personally take care of any infrastructure costs so that each year’s projects are optimized.

  2. Participate in the upcoming annual trip by traveling with the team and provide knowledge related to the causes undertaken for that year’s events.

  3. Create your own trip and share them with us via our website, Facebook, and/or Instagram. The purpose of sharing is to amplify the reach of and inspire others to take on their own causes. is a schedule 501(3)(c) non-profit organization; so all contributions will be tax deductible. 100% of yearly contributions will be utilized for the purchase of supplies and/or donated to local partner charities.


If you would like to donate to, you can click below via PayPal or by check to Travel Matters Foundation. Checks should be sent to our headquarters at: 2033 Auburn Sky Ct. - League City - Texas - 77573.

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