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Awamaki helps women start and run their own businesses. They invest in their skills and leadership, and connect them to global markets for their small businesses. Though they use business strategies to accomplish their mission, they are a non-profit.


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The team partnered with ECOAN to fund the building of bathrooms for 4 of 36 families located on the Valley of the Condor. These families currently live without an established sewage system and electricity. Our project was able to build self-sustained septic bathrooms that would avoid water contamination near and around each family’s village. Furthermore, the funded the implementation of 8 solar kits to individual families in needs.


After our trip, learned about the need for families to utilize an efficient mini stove that utilizes 60% less wood and would aid in reforestation in the area. donated sufficient funds to purchase 150 mini stoves.


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Amazonas Explorer

The team partnered with the Amazonas Explorer team to fund the planting of 500 trees that will be planted in the animal festival where 60,000 new trees will be planted. The importance of this festival is the re-introduction of native Peruvian trees that are important to the ecosystem and wildlife in the area.



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